Immoral bribes | One Shared Planet

Dear County Executive Parisi and members of the Dane County Parks Commission,

I understand that Dane County can receive $162,000 from the DNR Stewardship Fund to offset half the costs of the purchase of 25 acres next to McCarthy County Park, but only if trapping is allowed on the land.

Please withdraw the application for the funds and do not allow trapping on the land.

Imagine that the state had money available for economic development but, to receive the money, the recipients had to agree to discriminate against minorities. Would the proponents of economic development tout the number of jobs that would be created? Would they say that the trade was fair because the benefits (to certain people) outweighed the costs (to certain others)?

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Immoral bribes | One Shared Planet.

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: End trapping — it puts us all at risk

It is time to end trapping. Now. No more turning a blind eye. This is the time of the great awakening. It is the responsibility and privilege of every one of us to create a new and loving world.

The Department of Natural Resources has forfeited the pretense of science or humane stewardship of nature in Wisconsin by encouraging trapping. It has zero fealty to its mission statement: “To protect and enhance our natural resources, our air, land and water; our wildlife, fish and forests and the ecosystems that sustain all life…” The DNR has long been a farce; it is just a maximum wild slaughter facilitator. It must be dismantled and restructured.

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: End trapping — it puts us all at risk.

Woman whose dog was killed by trap won’t file charges



“It’s terribly sad. It’s so sad for (Schueppel) to have watched her dog die,” Molloy said. “But it was a group of circumstances that all came together. It’s heartbreaking. In some ways I feel really bad for the trapper because he didn’t mean to hurt that dog.”

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Our opinion: That is true, that trapper didn’t mean to hurt that dog, however the trap was meant to kill another curious, living, breathing, sensitive animal who would feel the same pain that Handsome felt.

Trapping is unsafe, inhumane, and archaic.
See Wisc trappers (and the DNR) call this harvesting.

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Wisc trappers (and the DNR) call this harvesting

Alaska magazine: Trapped.

This is no way to see a beautiful animal.

We were rambling across the Portage flats in search of a decent trail on Saturday when my friend Mark stopped at the edge of a copse of alders. A few feet into the brush, a large, healthy wolf lowered itself back to the snow, exhausted and in pain, its right front leg crushed by a steel-jawed trap.

The wolf’s struggle was evident for yards around the wooden post to which the trap was anchored. Trampled snow was covered with splintered wood, chunks of ice, and blood spatters….


Deanna S. Devaul: End barbaric practice of animal trapping

This week I learned of a dog named Handsome who died an untimely and painful death last weekend when he was caught by the head in a trap.

The trap was set on property owned by the Department of Natural Resources adjacent to a nature conservancy. What was to be an enjoyable day turned tragic for the unsuspecting dog and his owner.

Trapping is a barbaric practice that belongs in the past. Wild and domestic animals suffer immensely. I am concerned for human welfare, also. What happens when a child wanders off the path and is maimed or killed as Handsome was?

As a hiker and photographer who often wanders off the path, now I’m afraid to do what I enjoy so much in life. It’s a tragedy that animals have to suffer, and the majority of people have to accommodate a few people in the name of tradition.

There needs to be an end to trapping in Wisconsin.

— Deanna S. Devaul, Madison

Deanna S. Devaul: End barbaric practice of animal trapping.