Ex-owners push for investigation after claiming horse neglect

1. Four emaciated horses were residing at the farm of Mary Loeffelholz.

2. Dane County Animal Control has been watching for signs of neglect since 2008.

3. Original owners of two of the horses attempt to rescue all four.

4. Dane County sheriff’s deputies return horses to Loeffelholz farm.

WHAT IS WRONG HERE? Lead animal services worker Pat Comfort said, “The legal process is a slow one, but it’s the process we have to follow.” This is ridiculous. These horses are going to die if not given proper care.

PLEASE contact County Executive Joe Parisi and Dane County Superintendent Jerry Bollig (District 31) to get these horses to safety.

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Ex-owners push for investigation after claiming horse neglect.

Group wants Ride the Drive-like day for horseback riders

Madison Mounted, a nonprofit organization that supports the Madison Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Unit, proposes a new event that would take a group of 100 to 200 horseback riders and let them have free rein of a closed-off section of outbound John Nolen Drive for about 90 minutes.

Ride the Drive is about bicycles! Its purpose is to promote locals to ride their bikes to work rather than getting in the car.

Let’s not force horses to walk down John Nolen Drive. It not only puts a lot of stress on the horses, but bringing together horses and traffic is asking for trouble.

Kathy McGee, president of Madison’s Mounted board said, “I’m not aware of any other cities that are doing urban rides like this.”

That’s because it is stupid.

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via Group wants Ride the Drive-like day for horseback riders.

Melrose area couple charged in animal neglect case – WQOW TV: Eau Claire, WI

Jackson County (Press Release)-Authorities in Jackson County have taken custody of 67 animals on a search warrant that was executed on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at N2420 Blackberry Road in Melrose Township, Jackson County after receiving information that there may be animals on the property in need of care due to neglect.

The animals seized consisted of dogs ranging in age from puppies to adults; horses, mules, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, ducks and a pig. Many of the animals found appeared to be in various stages of neglect due to improper care and lack of nourishment.

Two persons have been arrested in connection with the abuse and are identified as Renee Smithey, age 58; and Tarry Smithey, age 52. Both parties were booked on a single felony count of animal mistreatment and were later released on a $1,000.00 signature bond. Conditions of bond are to possess no animals and to cooperate with the State Veterinarian, the Jackson County Humane Officer, and the Jackson County Health Department. Two other adults residing at the residence were not arrested and to date have not been charged.

Assisting in the seizure and assessment of the animals and living conditions was the Jackson County Animal Shelter, State of Wisconsin Veterinarian and the Jackson County Health Department.

The animals seized in this matter have been provided with proper shelter, medical treatment and nourishment. Some of these animals will be available for adoption. Many of these animals are in need of special care. Anyone interested in adopting an animal should contact the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

This matter remains under investigation by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

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Melrose area couple charged in animal neglect case – WQOW TV: Eau Claire, WI NEWS18 News, Weather, and Sports.

Karl Garson: Wisconsin winters can be hard on horses

The horses I’m thinking of are in a small but significant percentage of the more than 178,000 horses living in Wisconsin that will not [winter well]. They are the horses who have gone without the pasture and feed necessary for them to have grown a decent winter coat, the ones whose hooves or teeth have seen no attention for years, the ones whose run-in sheds collapsed years ago and the ones who are the tag end of a sad story that began with a kid’s request for a horse that now stands pastern deep in mud or its own manure and will stay that way all winter unless it founders and dies a painful death of its own accord.

Those are the Wisconsin horses that concern me.

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Karl Garson: Wisconsin winters can be hard on horses.