Feel Good Article of The Day: Animal Friendships

Complete with ADORABLE pictures of interspecies relationships like this:

(I mean, not actually this picture, but pictures like it. The actual images in the story are copyrighted.)

As with any article that tries to use “human” terms for animal interactions, there are cries of anthropomorphism:

Yet until recently, any suggestion that interspecies relationships might be based simply on companionship would probably have been met with derision, dismissed as Pixar-like anthropomorphism. That has changed as research has gradually eroded some boundaries between homo sapiens and other animals. Other species, it turns out, share abilities once considered exclusive to humans, including some emotions, tool use, counting, certain aspects of language and even a moral sense.

And a fair part of the article is dedicated to questioning the accuracy of the interspecies relationships we call “friendships.” But you can just skip all that and watch the adorable videos and read the adorable stories.