Weekly News Article – Grants awarded to help Wisconsin municipalities deal with nuisance wildlife – Wisconsin DNR

Why no grants for municipalities to find humane alternatives?

Kill. Kill. Kill.


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources provides 50 percent matching reimbursement grants up to a maximum of $5,000 to communities to help them manage wildlife conflicts. All of the State fiscal year 2013 grant funds, totaling $24,700, have been awarded. Grant recipients and amounts awarded include:

  • City Of Brookfield, $5,000 for annual aerial deer survey to monitor wildlife populations and establish population estimates. Deer population reduction by sharpshooting and trapping operations.

  • Village Of Elm Grove, Waukesha County, $487 to monitor deer and Canada geese populations and establish population estimates. Remove deer by use of sharpshooters. Remove resident Canada geese by approved methods and in compliance with US Fish & Wildlife permit. Process, distribute or dispose of geese and deer to a charitable organization.

  • Milwaukee County Parks, $5,000 to monitor deer populations and establish population estimates. Remove deer using sharpshooters. Process deer and distribute to local food pantries.

  • City Of Muskego, $2,500 to remove resident Canada geese. Perform required health and tissue sampling. Process, distribute or dispose of geese to a charitable organization.

  • City Of Wisconsin Rapids, $1,713 to implement managed deer hunts; process and distribute to charitable organization(s).

  • City Of Oshkosh, $5,000 to monitor and establish deer population estimates. Remove deer using sharpshooters. Remove resident Canada geese.

  • City Of Sheboygan, $5,000 to develop an urban wildlife (deer) population control plan. Monitor deer populations and establish population estimates. Remove deer using sharpshooters.

Weekly News Article – Grants awarded to help Wisconsin municipalities deal with nuisance wildlife – Wisconsin DNR.

Deer Thrill Kill Case – Robby Kuenzi to be Sentenced

Robby Kuenzi, the third man convicted of the brutal Waupaca County
deer thrill kill case will face sentencing before Judge John Hoffmann
on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 2:30 at Waupaca County Circuit Court
Branch 2.

The sentencing will be open to the public. This high profile case has
gained the attention of both the media and the public. If you live in
the area and are able to attend the sentencing, please take the time
to bear witness for the innocent deer who were killed during this
thrill kill.

Waupaca County Circuit Court, Branch 2
811 Harding Street
Waupaca, WI 54981

Robby Kuenzi, his brother Rory and accomplice Nicholas Hermes ran
down and killed several deer with snowmobile in 2009.

Both Hermes and Rory Kuenzi have already been sentenced. During
Rory’s sentencing Judge Philip Kirk stated: “That using a snowmobile
to mangle, twist and churn their bodies slowly to death, to the
cacophony of your laughter,” said Kirk, “is the virtual
embodiment of a sociopath.”

Several articles on this case can be found through a Google Search:

We would like to thank Waupaca resident Kris Henrikson for her
vigilant outspokenness throughout this entire case. Kristine has
tirelessly attended hearings, spoken to media, and has kept this
crime in the public eye for three years.

Hermes sentenced in deer thrill kill case

WAUPACA COUNTY – Another Waupaca County man has been sentenced for his role in a deer thrill kill case.

Nicholas Hermes was convicted of three felonies and three misdemeanors as part of a plea deal.

Tuesday, a judge ordered Hermes to two and a half years probation for the felonies. And for the misdemeanors, Hermes will have to serve six months in the county jail and pay $3,000 in fines.

The charges are in connection with a 2009 incident when Hermes and two others ran down deer and killed them with their snowmobiles.

Before the sentencing, Hermes’ attorney Keith Steckbauer highlighted his client’s reformed attitude, but others had harsher words. We have multiple views on the sentencing.

“He is responsible for this and by terms of showing responsibility he’s pled to this. He’s accepted criminal and moral responsibility for this,” said Steckbauer.

“I will further direct that you write a letter, approved by your agent, addressed to the high school classes in Waupaca County which outlines the stupidity of your conduct on this occasion,” said Hon. Ray Huber, Waupaca County judge.

“The felony conviction of Nicholas Hermes today is a victory for animal welfare in Wisconsin and across the nation,” said Kris Henrikson, Alliance for Animals.

Two other men are also charged in the case, brothers Robby and Rory Kuenzi. Robby has an April trial date, while Rory is serving an 11 year prison sentence.

Hermes sentenced in deer thrill kill case.

City commission OKs authority to kill deer

Lynn Pauly, co-director of the Alliance for Animals, said the issue echoes the conversations the city had during the summer about geese populations in Madison parks.

“They say that 10 years ago there were none, five years ago there were more and now we have a crisis. Why do we wait until it’s a crisis? … I’m starting to feel that the Parks Commission focuses on killing,” she said.

Read entire article here:

City commission OKs authority to kill deer.

Commission to vote on plan to use sharpshooters to thin deer herd

If the Madison Park Commission is the deciding factor in this situation, the deer will be killed. This Commission focuses on the quickest and cheapest fix to problems dealing with wildlife. Lazy thinking, dysfunctional, disappointing.

On Wednesday, the Madison Park Commission is scheduled to vote on a plan to reduce the deer herd in Sandburg Woods, a 30-acre parcel of trees and trails outside Watts’ front door on the city’s Far East Side and just a few blocks from East Washington Avenue. If approved, sharpshooters would begin work this month.

Under the plan, sharpshooters could be used in other parks “where deer populations are out of balance and severely impacting native plant communities,” according to a city report.

For a list of City Park Commission members, click here.

If you go

The Madison Park Commission will vote on a deer management plan at its 6:30 p.m. meeting Wednesday at the Goodman Maintenance Facility, 1402 Wingra Creek Parkway.

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via Commission to vote on plan to use sharpshooters to thin deer herd.

John Kass: Wisconsin vs. Charlotte the deer, the worst Christmas story ever – chicagotribune.com

Many thanks to Chicago Tribune’s John Kass for reporting this story.

The worst Christmas story ever takes place in Wisconsin, starring Charlotte, the deer who thinks she’s a horse.

She runs with the horses. She teases them and tries to get them to chase her. She jumps one way, front legs stiff, tail up, then cuts the other way, taunting.

We met the other day, at a little farm in Lake Geneva, with rescued horses in a field. Charlotte looked at me for a long while.

Then she trotted over. She nibbled my jacket. She nuzzled my arm.

Now the state of Wisconsin wants to kill her, right before Christmas. There’s a hearing scheduled for next Wednesday. And the Walworth County district attorney’s office is threatening the man who rescued her, Marvin Graaf, 49, with up to eight months in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.

Read full story here:

John Kass: Wisconsin vs. Charlotte the deer, the worst Christmas story ever – chicagotribune.com.

Recent WTMJ Newsradio reports that Walworth County Assistant District Attorney Haley Rea ((262) 741-7198) says they are close to finding a wildlife sanctuary for the deer to be placed.