Letter to Dane County’s P&F Committee | One Shared Planet

You banned elephant acts in Dane County because you understood that it is wrong to profit from the suffering of social, sentient, intelligent, and emotional animals. I trust then that you will see the parallel with trapping in Dane County parks: if you accept money from the state, Dane County and a few trappers will benefit financially from the suffering and deaths of social, sentient, intelligent, and emotional animals.

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Letter to Dane County’s P&F Committee | One Shared Planet.

Rick Bogle: Kudos to County Board for protecting elephants

Members of the Dane County Board took the time to learn how elephants used in circuses are trained and handled and about the conditions they are forced to endure.

The board deserves praise for adding Dane County to the large and fast-growing list of U.S. communities and countries around the world that have banned the use of elephants in circuses.

No one who takes the time to look into the use of elephants in circuses can have any doubt about the cruelty involved in training them or great suffering these animals are forced to endure.

— Rick Bogle, Madison

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Rick Bogle: Kudos to County Board for protecting elephants.

How Did Your Supervisor Vote?

Below is a list of the voting breakdown on the amendment to ban elephant acts from Dane County. Please take the time to thank the Supervisors who helped to pass this groundbreaking measure!

Scott McDonell, District 1
In Support

Heidi Wegleitner, District 2
In Support

Nick Zweifel, District 3

Kyle Richmond, District 4
In Support

Leland Pan, District 5
In Support

John Hendrick, District 6
In Support

Matt Veldran, District 7
In Support

Carousel Andrea Bayrd, District 8
In Support

Dianne Hesselbein, District 9
In Support

Jeremy Levin, District 10

Al Matano, District 11
In Support

Paul Rusk, District 12
In Support

Chuck Erickson, District 13
In Support

Melanie Hampton, District 14

Ronn Ferrell, District 15

Dave de Felice, District 16
In Support

Jeff Pertl, District 17
In Support

Melissa Agard Sargent, District 18
In Support

Bill Clausius, District 19

Dennis O’Loughlin, District 20

Dave Wiganowsky, District 21

Maureen McCarville, District 22
In Support

Shelia Stubbs, District 23
In Support

Robin Schmidt, District 24
In Support

Tim Kiefer, District 25

Sharon Corrigan, District 26
In Support

Dorothy Krause, District 27
In Support

Kurt Schlicht, District 28

Dave Ripp, District 29

Patrick Downing, District 30
In Support

Jerome Bollig, District 31

Erika Hotchkiss, District 32
In Support

Jenni Dye, District 33

Patrick Miles, District 34
In Support

Carl Chenoweth, District 35
In Support

Cynda Solberg, District 36

Bob Salov, District 37

Dane County Board Votes to Ban Elephant Acts

Last night, June 7, 2012, Dane County became the first Wisconsin community to ban the exhibition of elephants for amusement or entertainment. The County Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance amendment banning such exhibitions by a vote of 23 to 9.

No new elephant acts shall be allowed at the county’s auditorium or exhibition center. Current county contracts with the Zor Shriners, who bring the George Carden circus to Madison every year, however, shall be honored until the final contract runs out in 2020.

Opposition for the ban, which came largely from circus supporters outside of Wisconsin, were greatly overshadowed by local public support.

Last night’s passage of this ban marks the end of an era which included many years of AFA-organized public protests, educational leafleting, USDA complaints, and vigilant monitoring of elephants at the county’s Alliant Energy Center when the circus came to town. The legislative effort was initiated in February of 2011 when AFA representatives presented the case for an elephant ban to the general membership of Progressive Dane and received a unanimous vote in favor of an immediate ban on elephant performances.

“This is a step in the right direction – the direction of ending cruelty against elephants at Dane County facilities,” said Supervisor Al Matano, who introduced the amendment.

He also stated that the work does not end today. “Members of the Dane County Board have pledged to monitor compliance with the contracts, by attending the circuses to observe the conditions the elephants experience.”

AFA thanks everyone who took the time to come out and speak for the elephants and to all 23 Supervisors who voted in favor of the elephant ban. Eloquent oral testimony came from citizens of Dane County, members of the County Board, and members of Alliance for Animals.

AFA thanks everyone who took the time to come out and speak for the elephants and to all 23 Supervisors who voted in favor of the elephant ban. Eloquent oral testimony came from citizens of Dane County, members of the County Board, and members of Alliance for Animals.

We especially wish to thank Supervisor Al Matano for his courage in introducing the ban and for his steady efforts to see it passed. Many people worked toward this landmark change in county policy; we thank them all. The animals are fortunate to have them working on their behalf.

The Elephant Ban – Attention Dane County Residents

The Public Works and Transportation Committee approved this ban and passed it on to the full County Board for a vote. On June 7, 2012, the Dane County Board of Supervisors will decide if the County will be the first in Wisconsin to ban the use of elephants for entertainment. We need your help. Please do one or both of the suggestions below:

1. Attention Dane County Residents: During the week of June 4 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday), ask your supervisor to vote YES on Dane County Ordinance Amendment 15. For help with finding your supervisor visit our Legislators page. Make a personal call.

2. Attend the June 7, 2012, meeting of the County Board to represent the elephants who cannot speak for themselves and to show the tremendous amount of support for Ordinance Amendment 15. Please arrive early to get a seat. It’s important that you sign-in when you arrive indicating your support for the measure.

June 7, 2012 at 7 PM
Room 201 of the City-County Building
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Madison WI

Thank you.

VIDEO REPORT: Animal Trapping Possible in Dane County Park

The Park Commission voted for the first time to allow animal trapping in a Dane County park.

In April the county purchased an additional 25 acres adjacent to the 265 acre McCarthy County Park in Sun Prairie for $325,000. The Department of Natural Resources recently offered a stewardship grant of $162,500, but accepting would mean abiding by the DNR’s new recreation guidelines.

In 2007, the DNR stipulated stewardship projects need to allow hiking, hunting, skiing, fishing, as well as controversial animal trapping. Before Wednesday night, Dane County had not approved any grants under the new rule.

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VIDEO REPORT: Animal Trapping Possible in Dane County Park.

Commission To Consider Allowing Trapping Near Park

MADISON, Wis. — A proposal to trap animals near a Dane County park has some residents voicing concerns.

The Dane County Park Commission will vote on this issue Wednesday night, and at the heart of this trapping debate looks to be a recent rule change from the state.

Carolyn Schueppel is one resident who opposes trapping near McCarthy Park.

“It’s hard for them to understand what it’s really like for people who empathize with animals unless you actually see the animal die in the trap,” said Schueppel, who is concerned about a Dane County plan to approve recreational trapping on one of the county’s newly purchased parcels of land.

The 25-acre parcel of land sits just outside McCarthy County Park.

In October, Schueppel’s border collie died after getting caught in a trap near a nature conservancy.

“It’s just completely wrong,” said Schueppel.

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Commission To Consider Allowing Trapping Near Park.