Five Easy Ways to Give to the Alliance This Season

Vegan Holiday Bake Sale and Craft Fair

Participate by either contributing something to the sale or stopping buy to buy a treat or two.  If you’re able to bake something, please email Becky Koechell at

Vegan Bake Sale

Facebook Event Page:  Holiday Vegan Bake Sale – December 20th

Shop at Calico Dragon Bags and Envision Positive

Calico Dragon Bags

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the animal lover/vegan or vegetarian in your life? Or a little special gift for yourself because you’ve been oh so good all year? Look no further!

Calico Bags is now offering cruelty-free, vegan bags, purses, totes and wallets. A generous 25 percent will be donated to the Alliance and shipping is completely free!

Not only will you be able to support the Alliance, but also help spread messages about the abuse animals go through in circuses, the plight of animals in labs and factory farms, the horrors within the fur industry, and more.

The bags are 100% cruelty-free, completely vegan and constructed from up-cycled materials. Heavy duty construction along with a bold message presented in an artistic fashion make these bags truly unique!

Calico Dragon also donates a portion of its proceeds to animal charities around the world.

Please contact Becky at for ordering details.


Envision Positive

The month of December, Envision Positive will donate 50% of proceeds to the Alliance!


Envision Positive features varied crafts inspired by the vision of a vegan society, and supports the expansion of veganism for the benefit of all living beings. The crafts make great gifts and can be customized for any occasion. 50% of profits are given to a designated vegan advocacy organization every month and all items are made in a home that is loving, vegan and eco-friendly.

Use your Amazon Account

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Alliance for Animals and the Environment. Bookmark this link and support us every time you shop.

Stop by our Small Online Store for Shirts and Stickers

We don’t have many shirts with our logo on them left so get them while they’re hot.

Alliance for Animals Shop

ShirtOptions so


And of course – the simplest way to give to the Alliance is by a direct donation – all you get for that is warm fuzzies and the knowledge that your money will go to help animals.

Click here for our online donation form and information.


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