Comments from the 113 Petition Signers

In just three days, we’ve gotten 113 signatures! Please continue to share the petition. Each time someone signs, the following email is sent to all the members of the Joint Finance Committee, along with the individual comment below:

Dear _____,

I know you have a number of difficult decisions to make with this budget bill. This one, however, is easy. Please strike the UW open records exemption. It’s a policy item that has no place in a budget bill, and similar items were introduced and thrown out in both 2013 and 2014. Thank you for working so hard to make Wisconsin great.


1. Even the Arizona Governor veto’d this.
2. Please take a moment to sign and share this petition to keep UW Madison research open to the public. 24 states currently have closed university research records to the public in some form, pressured by the lobbying group National Association for Biomedical Research (NABR), a front group for the animal testing, animal breeding, pharmaceutical, and processed food industries. Tell the lobbyists they don’t own the government or university, we do.
3. The taxpayer funded programs need to be 100 percent recorded for public viewing. How dare you suggest these program details be closed to public viewing
4. UW Madison should not be exempt from open records requests. Throw the amendment to the 2015 budget bill in the trash with the 2013 and 2014 amendments.
5. We as tax payers have a right to know what our money is being spent on!   There should be no exemptions when it is state dollars being used! If they are to be trusted at the UW research, why would this even be considered or needed!! Please remove this item from the 2015 Budget! Thank you!
6. Exemption from open records is in general a bad idea, but to grant a publicly funded state research University this privilege opens the door to all manner of abuse and questionable research protocols. As a former member of the campus-wide UW-Madison Human Subjects Committee I strongly oppose this exemption.
7. We, as a free nation, have the right to open records. The UW must not receive an exemption. Please make sure it does not get one.
8. More transparency is needed not less. The public has every right to know how their money is being spent and every citizen has a right to know what research is being conducted in our institutions. All government records need to be kept public.
9. These records need to remain public and accessible
10. We need to know what is being done to research animals.
11. Both taxpayers and animals should have rights in regard to experimentation at UW.
12. I’m signing this petition because we need to know what is happening when the university is doing research on animals.
13. UW researchers must be held to a high standard of accountability and transparency to limit or erase the cruelty they inflict on animals.
14. UW needs be transparent and accountable to the public for how it spends the public’s money.
15. No entity or person deserves an exemption. There are no checks and balances when an exemption is given.
16. it is only ethical that UW have open records for any and all reasons.
17. The state’s open record law is a citizen’s right to know what our government is doing, and we the people have a right to know what that is – no e entity, including the University of Wisconsin, has any right for an exemption to that law. Nor does this bill belong in the 2015 budget bill!
18. It is the right of the tax payers to know about the studies that are happening with our tax dollars and the UW should not be exempt from that.
19. Why such secrecy? If the research is on the up and up, they shouldn’t have to require their records be unavailable. They have been caught with their pants down too many times while in the process or doing this research,. This amendment is another “ends justifying the means” so the methods , however unscrupulous, can be ignored. We need transparency in all areas, including politics, and here is one amendment that the political motivations for agreeing to this bill is quite clear.
20. Animal abuse even in an educational facility must not be allowed to be hidden. Citizens deserve to know what their money is supporting.
21. I am in full support of the intent of this petition to keep transparency in business and other practices a priority.
22. The grants are the money makers, it is useless to keep this type of practice going at the risk of any ones life. Waste of money and waste of human ethics to do this type of harm. Horrible
23. As a UW alum, I firmly believe no single government agency as the right to conceal any information. If everything is on the “up and up,” why can’t that be shared?
24. As a Wisconsin taxpayer, I strongly oppose that the UW Madison be exempt from the state’s open records law. We need to know what is happening in experiments involving animals, psychedelic drugs and much more.
25. This is a state educational system and as such, should have open records.
The citizens keep the UW open.
I want to know just what goes on in the labs. I saw the “Harlow hell experimental monkeys”. Secrets are dangerous.
26. Because secrets in the public institutions are an open road for misuse, as is readily seen with the current crimes against animals being done by Kalin in his “research”. Why keep secrets when We are funding the institution?
27. I believe in accountability and transparency.

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