Inaugural Volunteer Info Fest and Appreciation a Complete Success! Thanks to Our Generous Donors and Wonderful Volunteers


New and old volunteers getting to know each other.


Learning all about primate experimentation at the anti-viv table.


Local veg celebrity Dave Friedman claims the place of honor behind the Farmed Animals Committee Table.

On February 21st, we held the first ever Alliance Volunteer Info Fest and Appreciation. Approximately 50 volunteers, old and new, visited us in the beautiful downtown Madison library. One lucky (new!) volunteer won a gift certificate for a eucalyptus steam shower from Kneaded Relief, and all present got to have delicious treats from our generous donors listed below. Thanks to our attendees for making this winter a little cheerier!

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It was a pretty full house!

Thank you to the Madison Central Library

We are so fortunate to have this beautiful building in our downtown, and the Alliance was thrilled hold an event there! The pictures don’t do the room justice, but there was a wall of 18 foot high windows, and the natural light was stunning. Our executive director summed up the location’s symbolism in the following post, before the event:

The new library is a common ground for all Madisonians: students, downtowners, people who traveled many miles by bus, people of low income, people of color, people who just came in to use the computer, and people doing serious research. The third floor is less populated, but the room we are in has a stunning wall of windows with enough light to chase away your seasonal affective depression. We are so excited to hold our event in a place that represents the kind of access and diversity we hope for the Alliance to achieve and in a room as bright and optimistic as we feel about this event!


So much beautiful light!

Thank You to Our Beneficent Donors


Photo credit to Dave Friedman!

Willy Street Co-Op


Aforementioned super cute bag at top.


Plus some Willy St swag and info materials!


Yummy beverages from Willy St (and our basement!)

Willy Street Co-Op gave us a very generous gift certificate for delicious items of our choice!
(along with a super cute bag!) One Madison Vegan reviewer called Willy Street Co-op the “best vegan store in town.” If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out your local co-op, visit the East or West location and become a member today!  Please take a minute to
thank them
for their support, or write a sparkling review on Madison Vegan.

Liked something you saw at the fest but don’t remember what it is? Look below!

Bunky’s Cafe



Bunky’s Cafe gave us enough hummus and pita to feed a vegan army! We were thrilled to have enough for all the attendees, and our board president was thrilled to take home an extra container of what she calls “the best hummus in Madison.” Please take a minute to thank them or write a sparkling review on Madison Vegan. We also recommend stopping by for a meal! One Madison Vegan reviewer sums it all up: “Bunky’s atmosphere and service can’t be beat!” Bunky’s hummus is also for sale (in much smaller quantities) at Willy Street Co-op. Buy local and support two donors in one!

Brown Rice and Honey


Photo credit to Dave Friedman!

Kristina Stanley of Brown Rice and Honey gave us some exceptionally beautiful (and delicious!) Citrus Ginger Cookie Sandwich Cookies and Pecan Chocolate Chip Shortbread that were the talk of the event. If you enjoyed her desserts, check our her website (warning: may have to wipe drool off keyboard), and learn more about her
CSB program: community supported bakery. We are so lucky to have Kristina in Madison, and we are all crossing our fingers that she opens a bakery here someday soon!

Ian’s Pizza


How beautiful is that? Ian’s, you are true artists!


Closeup on my beautiful food sign.

We all jumped for joy when Ian’s Pizza announced that Monday night of EVERY week would be vegan pizza slice night. Now they’ve expanded their vegan options to include a brand new pesto, which we got the chance to try at the fest! Ian’s also gave us a classic vegan mac n cheese pizza. Check out their menu to see all the vegan pizza and salad bar options! And please take a minute to thank them for their support, or write a sparkling
on Madison Vegan. We are so lucky to have delectable vegan pizza in

Kneaded Relief

Kneaded Relief gave us the piece de la resistance – a gift certificate for a eucalyptus steam shower. All attendees put their volunteer applications/raffle forms in the box, but only one lucky winner got that soothing surprise! Next time you want to treat yourself or your loved ones, check out Kneaded Relief’s spa and massage services.

#ThrowbackThursday: When Animal Rights Was Mainstream

Don’t believe me? Read on to see media from the 1983 Mobilization for Animals Rally, which 3,500 – 4,000 people attended on the UW campus, and which happened concurrently with 18 other rallies at primate centers around the world.

It happened once, and we can make it happen again. People care about this issue. They just have to learn about it first.

Thank you to long-time volunteer Ann for bringing this to my attention and to former Alliance co-director Rick Bogle for providing additional documentation of the event. Rick’s Primate Freedom blog is the best chronicle of anti-vivisection efforts in Madison and beyond, and you can learn a lot from spending an afternoon there.

A speech given by Dr. Charles Magel, Professor of Philosophy, Moorhead State at the 1983 Mobilization for Animals Rally. On April 24, over 3500 people assembled at Library Mall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Rallies and Demonstrations were held simultaneously in 18 cities around the world… Atlanta, Boston, Davis and at other primate research and breeding centers in England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand & Australia.

This rare historical raw footage (some never before seen) was videotaped at the library mall. See the entire video here:

Read the article that accompanies the startling photo above. Credit to Primate Freedom. My favorite part is this:

Dean Rowland drove 7% hours in a van from Bowling Green, Ohio, and brought his friendly white dog Shucka along. Rowland, who is active in animal rights activities, said he had heard about scientists who cut the vocal chords out of experimental animals to keep them from crying.

“If they want to test something for humans, test it on humans, that’s what I say,” Rowland said

People care about testing on primates, and with Kalin’s experiments, we have a renewed chance to bring that awareness to the public. Share the information with everyone you know, as well as actions to take to stop the experiments.

If you want to get involved with the Alliance’s anti-vivisection efforts, come learn more at the Volunteer Info Fest and Appreciation. Food will be provided by donations from Willy St Co-Op, Bunky’s, Brown Rice and Honey, and Ian’s. The raffle prize is a gift certificate from Kneaded Relief.

Alliance Volunteer Info Fest and Appreciation
February 21, 2014
Madison Central Library, Room 302
201 West Mifflin St
1:00 – 3:00 pm