The Dairy Industry is Running Scared

According to the AP’s article, Milk Industry Fights Back Against Anti-Dairy Folks. (h/t Ann)

Check out these numbers:

According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, people drank an average of 14.5 gallons of milk a year in 2012. That’s down 33 percent from the 21.8 gallons a year in 1970.

Total milk sales volume has declined 12 percent since 2009, according to market researcher Euromonitor International.

Its main competitor?

This guy.

…retail sales for almond milk are estimated to be up 39 percent last year, according to Virginia Lee, a packaged food analyst with Euromonitor.

The article talks about a brand new campaign that’s supposed to set the record straight on dairy’s health benefits. Interestingly, the only health information quoted in the article is this:

…the British Medical Journal published a study suggesting drinking lots of milk could lead to earlier deaths and higher incidents of fractures. Even though the study urged a cautious interpretation of its findings, it prompted posts online about the dangers of drinking milk.

I’m really impressed by the depth of the coverage. I didn’t think that most people knew about that study!

Just when you think this article couldn’t get any better, our people even get a shout out!

Animal welfare groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are also a thorn in the milk industry’s side. On its website, PETA notes that “no species drinks milk beyond infancy or drinks the milk of another species” and details the cruel conditions dairy cows are often subject to.

That’s one of the reasons Valentin Vornicu, a 31-year-old resident of San Diego, California, said he stays away from milk. Vornicu became a vegan four years ago and says he has more energy and has never felt better.

“It looks like a scene from the Matrix. ‘You see a picture of that and you’re like, I’m drinking this? ,” said Vornicu, citing footage he’s seen of cows hooked up to milking machines.

It’s exciting to win anything in this field, because the losses are so great. Of course, cheese is still a major product, but the fact that milk is on the way down is really heartening, because it may mean fewer cows have to suffer in the role of dairy cow.

When the Farmed Animals Committee tables at local events, we hand out samples of tofurkey sausages and different flavored almond milks. People are still wary about the tofurkey, but almost everyone takes a sample of almond milk. To add to the anecdata, a family that I babysat for very regularly a couple of years ago was the most anti-vegan family I’ve ever met – but their refrigerator held almond milk.

Oh almonds, what can’t you do?

To learn more about the dairy industry, check out Humane Myth’s Happy Cow slideshow. (N.B. the images aren’t super graphic, but they may be upsetting.) For alternate perspectives, here is a neat infographic, my favorite article about the mother-child connection called Don’t Take the Babies, a similar article called Veganism is For Mothers,  and Ari Solomon’s The Feminist’s Dilemma.

Or, if you’re the rare guy reading this article (hi! way to counter the statistics!), you can always rely on this advice from Pumping Iron:

If you live in the Madison area, you can get non-dairy alternatives at coffeehouses like Barriques, Starbucks, and, of course, Mother Fool’s. (I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of others! Feel free to comment below.)

And as always, if you want some help transitioning to plant based milks, check out our vegan mentor program. You can get cooking advice, schedule shopping trips, or just talk out your concerns with your mentor, one on one.

1 thought on “The Dairy Industry is Running Scared

  1. LOVE this! I’m not sure how it is in the rest of the country (especially the middle section), but here in the PNW, I can get Hemp milk in my coffee if I want it! LOVE LOVE LOVE the progress being made against big dairy!! Great to meet you today 🙂

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