Silent Vigil for the Kalin Monkeys Tomorrow

From Ann and Leslie:

It is supposed to be a balmy 40 degrees on Thursday. If you could come to the event 30-minutes before it is scheduled to start, I will bring our signs and we can stand in front of the building until the panel discussion is set to begin.  We also have some wonderful flyers from ALDF that we can give to those attending the discussion.

If you cannot attend the panel discussion itself but have time to stop by for the 30-minute vigil, please do.

The more of us who show our continuing opposition to these experiments, the better.

A generous sponsor has offered to cover rides, so call 608-255-1234 & mention the Vigil to get a free cab ride there & back!  Rides available from 5:30 – 10 pm.
Read below for more information on IACUCS and animal research.

Photo credit to Animal Legal Defense Fund.

1. The questionable protocol that led to approval of the Kalin maternal deprivation experiment.
2. More on the experiment from former Alliance co-director and fierce primate advocate, Rick Bogle:

3. Here are 2 excellent analyses of IACUC committees.

Nov 6, 2012 Institutional animal care and use committees need greater ethical diversity  -Lawrence Arthur Hansen

Animals 20122(1), 68-75; doi:10.3390/ani2010068 Analysis of Animal Research Ethics Committee Membership at American Institutions, Lawrence A. Hansen 1, Justin R. Goodman 2,3,* and Alka Chandna

Thanks to Leslie for organizing the vigil and to Ann for all the links!

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