Elkhorn Protest in Support of SB93 this Saturday



The Elkhorn Protest In Support of SB 93 will be held in front of Elkhorn City Hall on S. Broad Street in Elkhorn, WI from 12-5pm on October 26th.  The organizations, “Wisconsin Wolf Front” and “Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf” are hosting this protest to show support for the Wisconsin State Senate Bill 93 authored by Senator Fred Risser.  This bill would remove the use of dogs from the Wisconsin State Wolf Hunt.  Elkhorn’s State Senator, Neal Kedzie is the Chair of the Senate Natural Resources Committee and he has attempted to kill SB 93 by not allowing it out of committee.  Both hosting organizations have called on Senator Kedzie to allow SB 93 to go to the floor of the State Senate, where it can be debated on its own merits. 


When you look at the DNA of a wolf vs. the dogs used to hunt them, they are incredibly similar. The running of hounds on wolves is really nothing more than state sanctioned dog fighting, and should have no place in a civilized society.   As evidenced by the 26 hounds killed by wolves during the recent summer, while hunting in known wolf territory,  the practice of running them directly against wolves will have obvious results.


Wisconsin Wolf Front organizer, Adam Kassulke, cites the recent survey conducted by student volunteers from his organization as a strong show of support for SB 93.  Over ninety days during the recent summer, groups of volunteers traveled to public events in ten Wisconsin counties.  They surveyed 6,500 Wisconsin residents of those counties regarding the use of dogs to hunt wolves.  The results showed 94% of those surveyed stated they are against the use of dogs in the hunt.  Yet, as Adam Kassulke stated, “the Department of Natural Resources and the State of Wisconsin continues to allow this barbaric practice.  Wisconsin has become the new blood sport capitol of the United States.  We are the only state in America to allow this practice.”

For more information:

Elkhorn Protest In Support Of SB 93:


Wisconsin Wolf Front: https://www.facebook.com/WisconsinWolfFront

1 thought on “Elkhorn Protest in Support of SB93 this Saturday

  1. I did attend the Rally in Elkhorn last Saturday and to my surprise the loyal and dedicated individuals take this bill SB93 rather important as it should be. The one point I would like to point out is what they are up against, a corrupt and unjust legal system which for starters employees the head of the Department of Natural Resourse Cathy Stepp an individual who carries with her only a High School Diploma and along with that her husband who is a lawyer who represents the Koch Brothers in litagations and disputes for the state. I find that not only newsworthy but a conflict of interest since the Koch Brothers (Tea Party Leaders) was Governor Walkers main contributor in his election. So to me it seems the state is mainly ran underground through the hands of these greedy men who care nothing for the ecosytem nor do they care for the land and the nature around them. This bloodshed on the wolf slaughter is horrific at best, Just alone the people on the board 5 of the 6 are Outfitters or people who are just out to make them extinct and could care less. The dogs used in these so called legal wolf fights are nothing shy of legalized “Dog Fighting” and should fall under the animal abuse laws that they have in place. They WILL NOT use any scientific data but the mere words of a women who carries a “High School Diploma” only. Now that in itself scares me that she feels she can handle what nature and the ecosystem even means. I support SB93 and will assist where I can ……Angel Wolf


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