No-Kill Animal Shelter in Need of Donations –


We are a big fan of Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary.  Please watch the video below (see link) and send in a donation to this no kill animal shelter.

GREEN BAY – A no-kill animal shelter is being pushed to the limit after the city of Green Bay’s decision to switch its policy on how to deal with stray animals.

Volunteers at Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary are dealing with a massive influx of stray cats and dogs. It comes after city council voted to switch its contract for animal services from Bay Area Humane Society to Packerland Veterinary Center.

“It’s been very busy,” said Happily Ever After founder Amanda Reitz. “A lot of animals coming in, but the good thing is, a lot of animals going out too.”

The Packerland Veterinary Center holds Green Bay’s stray animals for 7 days before transferring them to Happily Ever After for housing and adoption. It’s a plan city leaders say is working well for Green Bay.

“We’re all animal lovers and we want to make the best provisions we could to actually take care of our animals,” said alderman Jerry Wiezbiskie.

Since the new contract with Packerland began June 1st, Happily Ever After has taken in over 50 cats and more than 20 dogs. With the volunteer shelter at capacity, shelter directors are asking the community to step up and help make Green Bay a no-kill community.

“The more that they can support us, adopt from us, donate to us.. the closer we’ll get to making that happen,” said Reitz.

No-Kill Animal Shelter in Need of Donations –


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