GCG Lays Hammer on Pig Wrestling – Milwaukee Animal Advocacy | Examiner.com

The Global Conservation Group has joined Alliance for Animals and the Environment in a campaign against Wisconsin Pig Wrestling!

Pigs being punched in the face, kicked, body-slammed, jumped on, yelled at and thrown into a bucket – this is a typical pig wrestling contest in Wisconsin. Pig wrestling, or “wrasslin”, is an event where contestants get to chase pigs around a fenced-off mud pit to attempt to place the pig in a barrel. Using pigs in this form of entertainment is inhumane! We have to remember that just as humans; pigs also have the same ability to feel pain, emotions, and the desire to live.

Not only are these events cruel and inhumane, but also flat out illegal! According to Chapter 951 of the Wisconsin Crimes Against Animals Law, 951.08 clearly states “No person may intentionally instigate, promote, aid or abet as a principal agent or employee, or participate in the earnings from, or intentionally maintain or allow any place to be used for a cockfight, dog fight, bullfight, or other fight between the same or different kinds of animal or between an animal and a person.

The Global Conservation Group’s Legal Division will not only be contacting the district attorneys to prosecute those participating, but also everybody watching! Under Wisconsin Law, if you paid admission to an animal fighting event, you could be held criminally liable for attending. Spectators could be subject to prosecution for a misdemeanor offense for attending a pig wrestling event under section 951.18(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes.

The Global Conservation Group has launched a Wisconsin Protest Tour Schedule – we encourage you to join us! Protest materials will be supplied. Questions? Call: (262) 910-4160


July 5, 2013:

Stoughton Fair
Stoughton, Wisconsin

July 20, 2013

Eldorado Hog Wrestle/Parade
Eldorado, Wisconsin

July 23, 2013

Outagamine County Fair
Seymour, Wisconsin

July 25, 2013
Columbia County Fair
Portage, Wisconsin

September 4, 2013
Richland County Fair
Richland Center, Wisconsin

GCG Lays Hammer on Pig Wrestling – Milwaukee Animal Advocacy | Examiner.com.

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