UW-Madison Cat Cruelty Confirmed by Feds | PETA.org

Following a complaint filed by PETA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has confirmed PETA’s allegations of rampant abuse of cats in a taxpayer-funded brain experiment at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW), where actor James Cromwell was arrested during a protest last month. The USDA also cited UW for violating federal animal protection laws by burning a cat named Broc so badly with a heating pad that she required surgery.

In a scathing report just obtained by PETA, a federal inspector found “a pattern of recurring infections” and that all the cats whom PETA profiled in its complaint had been “diagnosed with chronic infections” after having steel posts screwed into open wounds on their heads and metal coils implanted into their eyes. Read full article by clicking the link below.

Victory: UW-Madison Cat Cruelty Confirmed by Feds | PETA.org.

4 thoughts on “UW-Madison Cat Cruelty Confirmed by Feds | PETA.org

  1. It was beyond obvious what was taking place there. Glad that PETA pushed the envelope. Glad that the USDA finally acknowledged this heinous practive. Too late to spare many from the gruesome torture and death, but more future animals will be spared. One evil research lab down ~ a gazillion to go. Thanks for posting. Will share a link on our facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/TheAnimalSpirits


  2. UW Madison professors and students involved in these animal abuse experiments will BURN IN HELL for this. Put those responsible in prison. UW Madison teaches your children to abuse animals in the most heinous ways. If a member of the public did what these people did, they would be punished. Its time this university takes full responsibility and puts these people in jail.


  3. This is absolutely disgusting. I have three cats (and two dogs) and they are part of our family. Maybe these people should test on their human relatives instead??? Good idea, if you ask me!


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