Wisconsin Dells Wildlife Park Fire Kills 2 Giraffes: Chicagoist

Park owner Mark Schoebel sees animals as objects which can be replaced rather than as individual beings:

“Giraffes are a signature animal for us, and we will be looking for giraffes to replace them,” Schoebel said. “It’s a little bit early yet. We don’t know exactly yet how we’re going to handle it all, but you know they were great animals. It’s a horrible thing to lose,” he said.

This is someone who is not a friend to animals. See 911 Animals Abuse.

Sad news from Wisconsin Dells, where two giraffes were killed in a fire at a wildlife park that was closed for the season.

The two 5-year-old giraffes were housed in an enclosure at the Timbavati Wildlife Park when someone called 911 around 6 p.m. on Dec. 30 to report a fire. The fire wound up engulfing the enclosure completely.

The Wisconsin Dells Police Department released a statement:

On Sunday, December 30, 2012 at approximately 5:57 p.m. the Wisconsin Dells Police Department received a 911 call reporting a fire. The caller reported a building burning at the Timbavati Wildlife Park, located at 2220 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Wisconsin Dells.The Kilbourn Fire Department was dispatched and arrived to find the Giraffe enclosure building fully engulfed. The Lake Delton Fire Department assisted. Two four-year-old male giraffes died in the fire. The building was destroyed.

Police are investigating the cause of the fire, but don’t believe arson is involved at this time. Timbavati Wildlife Park’s Facebook page lists feeding the giraffes was one of the park’s main attractions.

Wisconsin Dells Wildlife Park Fire Kills 2 Giraffes: Chicagoist.

Two giraffes die in barn fire at Wisconsin Dells Park – Wisconsin State Journal

1 thought on “Wisconsin Dells Wildlife Park Fire Kills 2 Giraffes: Chicagoist

  1. Extremely sad… sorrowful , tearfully , so sad …… they are safe and in a beautiful place .
    Walking in their graceful gate heads held high knowing peace , knowing God .


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