City alderman proposes legalizing ‘pocket pet’ marsupials called sugar gliders

Alliance for Animals is strongly opposed to this proposal. Sugar gliders are exotic animals who do not belong in pockets or in small cages. This is one more opportunity to objectify animals, to take away their rights to a natural habitat, and to bring about suffering to those who are purchased as pets, only to be forgotten once their uniqueness wears away.

Please contact your Madison alderperson and urge him/her to vote against this proposal. Find your alderperson here.

Ald. Matt Phair, 20th District, is proposing to change city ordinances on possession of exotic or wild animals so Madisonians can legally possess sugar gliders, small nocturnal marsupials native mainly to Australia but fast becoming a popular “pocket pet” — they literally like to hang out in their owner’s shirt pocket — in North America.

“A growing number of people have them as pets,” Phair said.

Currently, it’s illegal in the city to possess sugar gliders or other marsupials like opossums or kangaroos. But it’s legal in Dane County, which has no regulations for exotic or wild animals. The county is now finalizing new rules. Read full article here: City alderman proposes legalizing ‘pocket pet’ marsupials called sugar gliders.


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