Health Officials: Keep Your Pets Safe During Halloween

Good Halloween advice from Dr. Yvonne Bellay, Dr. Yvonne Bellay, the State Humane Officer and staff epidemiologist with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

If you’re planning to dress up your pet for Halloween, animal-health officials ask that you keep safety in mind.

Yvonne Bellay is with Wisconsin’s consumer-protection agency. She says costumes that look cute on dogs and cats could actually endanger their health.

She says some animals get stressed or have allergic reactions to costumes. She suggests that pet owners try the costumes on their animals before Halloween to see whether the experience distresses them.

She also recommends avoiding masks on pets, or at least using masks with large enough holes not to restrict their vision or breathing.

Other possible Halloween dangers include:

– Dangling costume pieces that can be choking hazards

– Access to chocolate, which is toxic to some pets

– Lit jack-o’-lanterns, which can be fire hazards.

Read more:

Health Officials: Keep Your Pets Safe During Halloween | KSTP TV – Minneapolis and St. Paul.


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