Romney Ryan Record Of Animal Abuse : Indybay

In 1997 Romney bought German animal torture company Behring and expanded its animal research to Miami, Florida renaming it Dade Behring. He invested in
slaughterhouse products, brought brutal rodeo into the nonviolent Olympics, had an aggressive promotion of toxic animal flesh ads on Clear Channel, refused to sign a bill acknowledging the right of students to refuse to dissect animals in biology classes, filled the state wildlife agency with that 4.5% of the population which hunts,
treated his family dog terribly while breaking Massachusetts law. He has harmed millions of animals. He said “I’ve always been a rodent and rabbit hunter.” Rob Portman, touted as a possible vice presidential candidate, is a leader of the drive to bring hunters into the national parks, endangering citizens, their children, and international tourists, not to mention the animals. Paul Ryan voted no on protecting horses and burros. Ryan has voted consistently for rancher and dairy industry subsidies which benefit Wisconsin agribusiness cartels.

There is much more here:

Revised Sept 17: Romney Ryan Record Of Animal Abuse : Indybay.


2 thoughts on “Romney Ryan Record Of Animal Abuse : Indybay

  1. There’s never an excuse for animal cruelty, and those that do it really have no moral compass to speak of. It really makes my blood boil when I see people mistreating animals, when they’re already in such a vulnerable position.

    I really can not understand how one man can mistreat animals on such a scale. I couldn’t even bare to finish reading the extract, it really makes me incredibly angry.


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