Did Elephant Kill Circus Worker? | PETA.org

As you may recall, in the middle of the Dane County circus debate, the Alliant Energy Center booked the Piccadilly Circus.

Similar to the Zor Shrine Circus, Piccadilly Circus contracts the Franzen Bros. Circus for their exotic animal act. Brian Franzen has a long history of abusing his elephants. In 2009, Brian Franzen was filmed hitting his elephant before the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee, WI. Video here.

In the past, Circus World also contracted Franzen for his elephant act and forced elephant rides.
Recently, PETA has obtained documentation showing that a Piccadilly Circus worker, who was allegedly killed by an elephant, is the same man who was caught just a week earlier beating Kosti (one of Franzen’s elephants) with a bullhook.

Read the PETA article:

Did Elephant Kill Circus Worker?

Update: PETA has obtained documentation from Animal Care and Control in Fort Wayne, Ind., showing that Casey Dale Walker, the circus worker who was allegedly killed by an elephant, is the same man who was caught just a week earlier beating an elephant with a bullhook.

Originally posted August 21: A whistleblower is alleging that a Franzen Bros. Circus worker was attacked and killed in St. Charles, Illinois, by an elephant late last week, although the death was reported as an accident involving a pipe. The source—who has provided PETA with reliable information before—reported that the worker was moved into his room after the incident in an attempt to cover up the cause of his death. Franzen Bros. had provided Piccadilly Circus with the elephant.
Sweeping Cruelty Under the Big Top

Even though circuses notoriously hide the abuses that they inflict on animals, this would be a different sort of cover-up if it’s true. PETA has called on the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration to investigate the allegations, urged the St. Charles police to investigate the claims, and asked the Kane County Fairgrounds executive manager to preserve and retain all possibly relevant security video footage.

The exploitation of captive animals by circuses poses a grave danger. The accumulated strain of enduring years of beatings, bullhooks, and shackles causes some elephants to snap—and when elephants rebel against their oppression, lives are put at risk. In more than 35 dangerous incidents since 2000, elephants have bolted from circuses, run amok through streets, crashed into buildings, attacked members of the public, and killed and injured handlers.

The whistleblower’s report comes just a week after PETA received a complaint stating that someone saw a worker on the road with Piccadilly Circus repeatedly and forcefully beating and yelling at an elephant. The USDA is now investigating that episode.
What You Can Do

Please never attend any circus that uses animals and choose animal-friendly entertainment options instead. Also, be ready to take action for animals when the circus arrives in your town.

More info here:

Did Elephant Kill Circus Worker? | PETA.org.


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