Shirley Clements: Wisconsin should protect wolves, not hunt them

The Wolf Hunt, by Alexander Desportes,

Dear Editor: Corky Meyer of the Wisconsin Association of Sporting Dog Clubs was at a June Department of Natural Resources meeting concerning wolf season rules. While enduring his confusing monologue, all I could think about was how much “fun” hound hunters were going to have killing wolves. He spread dislike of wolves and is no wolf expert.

Corky says the wolf season was created by the Legislature — the people of Wisconsin — and he “thinks that 350 (wolves) is too many.” He asks, “Why should hunting-dog owners be punished for wolf depredation?” He wants more money for a dog killed by wolves — up to $10,000 or more. Money for owners who put dogs at risk by choice — a “tradition.”

Wisconsin should protect wolves and should protect hunting dogs from their owners. Using dog packs to hunt animals has an abusive nature. Hound hunters push it to a new low: using dogs to hunt wolves, top canines who will fiercely fight to protect their own. Who would willingly put dogs up against wolves? Those who already engage in abusive activities and seek to fulfill their craving for degenerate hunting.

A coalition of humane societies is seeking an injunction to halt the wolf hunt, claiming the DNR failed to put in place regulations to prevent the cruel deaths of hunting dogs that will be killed by wolves. An initial hearing on the injunction request is scheduled for Aug. 29.

Wolf hunting is hard. A special tool is needed — something threatening, forcing wolves to abandon elusiveness and expose themselves. Another canine: the poor dupe hunting dog — live bait to lure wolves out for killing!

By law there’s no compensation paid for dogs injured or killed while wolf hunting. Other animals are hunted with dog packs during wolf season. Hound hunters hunting wolves can claim they were doing something else when dogs get killed by wolves. They can get that money and kill wolves too while defending their dogs from attack. There are ways around that pesky law.

Tradition can by ugly — and profitable.

It’s easy to get what you want, even if you’re a tiny fraction of all hunters and a minute percent of the human population — a fringe group, the farthest possible point from honorable hunters.

A state doesn’t have the right to manage wolves; it has an obligation to best preserve wolves.

Wisconsin is accountable for bad laws created by arrogant and dishonest legislators and people like Corky Meyer.

Shirley Clements
Fond du Lac

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Shirley Clements: Wisconsin should protect wolves, not hunt them.

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