Ban elephant acts in Dane County. | One Shared Planet

Once again, the Dane County Board of Supervisors has a decision to make that requires empathy and courage. A ban on elephant acts at Dane County venues has gone through committee and been passed on to the full County Board for a vote on June 7th. Based on what we know about elephants and the treatment of them in circuses, banning elephants acts is obviously the right thing to do. At least one County Board committee has agreed.

An expected amendment to the ban would defer the ban until the current contract with the Zor Shrine Circus expires in 2020. The argument will be that Dane County should not break contracts, and that it may face lawsuits if it does.

The argument makes little sense to me. Imagine that you own a gun shop in Madison and that you have a long-term contract with a supplier of hand-guns. Imagine that Madison passes a law banning the sale of hand-guns. Do you continue to sell hand-guns in Madison because you do not want to break a contract and because you fear a lawsuit from your supplier? Obviously not.

Read the full article here:

Ban elephant acts in Dane County. | One Shared Planet.


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