URGENT: Wisconsin Wolf Hunting/Trapping Plan Needs Your Voice

Photo by Deanna Deppen and Mike Melin

In the absence of a legal challenge and court ordered injunction, the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting/Trapping season will begin on 10/15/2012 and continue through the month of February – which includes wolf breeding season. Most aspects of this wolf hunt season are being dictated by legislation and not by science; proposed measures, such as hunting with dogs and night hunting, are considered particularly inhumane, as well. Wisconsin’s DNR does have the authority to create the rules and regulations for the hunt and the agency is seeking comments. Read full article here:

URGENT: Wisconsin Wolf Hunting/Trapping Plan Needs Your Voice.


One thought on “URGENT: Wisconsin Wolf Hunting/Trapping Plan Needs Your Voice

  1. I hope your group, or any other animal rights group, will challenge this proposed hunt. Dogs are already being killed by wolves during the bear hunt, and leaving an animal for hours in a trap or snare is extremely cruel. There is no way to prevent other animals from being trapped or snared, leading to wanton waste of wildlife, which is also illegal.
    A wolf hunt will do nothing to stop problems caused by wolves. As a family pack, killing a random wolf in various areas leaves the rest of the pack in the same area in a weakened state. This could cause them to prey on easier targets, like livestock. If the pack is already predating on livestock, the rest of the pack has already learned this behavior.
    It would be nearly impossible to determine the sex or social status of a wolf in field conditions. Pups learn hunting skills from their parents, and could be left to starve if the parents are eliminated.
    The earlier program allowing land owners permits to protect their property was a far better solution. Wolf management should be a joint effort between land owners and wildlife personnel. It’s time the WDNR does what the public expects, which is conserving and managing our natural resources, not making a buck by catering to thrill killers. I don’t object to hunting for food, or removing problem wildlife, but killing for fun is animal cruelty. It shouldn’t be tolerated or condoned.


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