Mad City Vegan Fest – Saturday June 9, 2012

Mad City Vegan Fest 2012 will be a day filled with great food, inspiring speakers, awesome raffle prizes, a crafty children’s area, and a host of vegan-minded exhibitors.

This is the second year of MCVF and we are super excited. Great speakers, great food, great vendors, and a welcoming venue. Stop by the Alliance for Animals table and say hello. See you there.

You can help advertise by printing out flyers for your workplace!

Mad City Vegan Fest – Madison, WI.

Deer Thrill Kill Case – Robby Kuenzi to be Sentenced

Robby Kuenzi, the third man convicted of the brutal Waupaca County
deer thrill kill case will face sentencing before Judge John Hoffmann
on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 2:30 at Waupaca County Circuit Court
Branch 2.

The sentencing will be open to the public. This high profile case has
gained the attention of both the media and the public. If you live in
the area and are able to attend the sentencing, please take the time
to bear witness for the innocent deer who were killed during this
thrill kill.

Waupaca County Circuit Court, Branch 2
811 Harding Street
Waupaca, WI 54981

Robby Kuenzi, his brother Rory and accomplice Nicholas Hermes ran
down and killed several deer with snowmobile in 2009.

Both Hermes and Rory Kuenzi have already been sentenced. During
Rory’s sentencing Judge Philip Kirk stated: “That using a snowmobile
to mangle, twist and churn their bodies slowly to death, to the
cacophony of your laughter,” said Kirk, “is the virtual
embodiment of a sociopath.”

Several articles on this case can be found through a Google Search:

We would like to thank Waupaca resident Kris Henrikson for her
vigilant outspokenness throughout this entire case. Kristine has
tirelessly attended hearings, spoken to media, and has kept this
crime in the public eye for three years.

Probe of UW animal experiments is overdue

May 21, 2012

Rick Bogle: Probe of UW animal experiments is overdue

Dear Editor: I have learned that for the first time since the early 1980s, the UW-Madison has approved maternal deprivation experiments on baby monkeys. Maternal deprivation experiments were conducted for two decades at the university by Harry Harlow and his many students. After Harlow’s death, even some of his own students admitted that they should not have been allowed to continue for so long. Some of them have lamented their own silence. This angst and regret was documented by Deborah Blum in her biography of Harlow, “Love at Goon Park.”

Over the past two years, the university has presented a series of what it terms “public forums” to examine the ethics of animal experimentation, particularly the use of monkeys, following the university’s defeat of a Dane County resolution that would have established a county-sanctioned citizens’ advisory panel to examine the ethics of the university’s use of monkeys. But no mention has ever been made during these “forums” of the university’s quiet resumption of what is possibly the most controversial use of animals on campus of all time.

A genuine public examination of the university’s use of animals is clearly warranted and long overdue.

Rick Bogle


Read more:

Letters to the editor for May 21, 2012.

THANK YOU! Public pressure key in forcing action on distressed horses, officials say

Thank you to all AFA supporters who called and wrote. Don’t ever keep silent about animal abuse. Our voices combined are powerful!

And thank you Rob Schultz, WSJ reporter for calling attention to the story.

Doug Voegeli chuckled Thursday when he was asked about the estimated 1,000 phone calls and hundreds of emails that Dane County officials received this week from people concerned about the distressed horses in the town of Oregon.

“It’s been interesting,” said the county’s director for environmental health, who oversees the animal services office. “Effective, too. I’m not going to deny it.”

He said the calls and emails pressured the county to move quickly to help the 20 distressed horses owned or cared for by Mary Loeffelholz and kept on property on Highway D near Belleville.

“That pressure has also helped the horse owner realize that something needed to be done and quickly,” Voegeli said. “I think that has been done.”

Read full story:

Public pressure key in forcing action on distressed horses, officials say.

Mothers Day Canceled: UW Scientists Revive Harry Harlow’s Cruel Maternal Deprivation


Maternal deprivation — crushing a monkey’s spirit by raising him or her without a nurturing caregiver — was invented and promoted by UW-Madison’s Harry Harlow and his students in the 1970s and 80s. Harlow’s experiments with maternal deprivation are widely acknowledged as being profoundly cruel.

Compassionate people everywhere are urged to speak out against this revival of Harry Harlow’s cruel methods by calling and writing Dr. Robert Streiffer, Chair of the university oversight committee responsible for approving these experiments, and urging him to do everything he can to bring this outrageous ethical backsliding return to cruelty to the attention of the entire campus and to do everything he can to stop them.

For Dr. Streiffer’s contact information and much more detail see:
Harry Harlow’s Cruel Maternal Deprivation Returns to UW-Madison

Maternal Deprivation.

Ex-owners push for investigation after claiming horse neglect

1. Four emaciated horses were residing at the farm of Mary Loeffelholz.

2. Dane County Animal Control has been watching for signs of neglect since 2008.

3. Original owners of two of the horses attempt to rescue all four.

4. Dane County sheriff’s deputies return horses to Loeffelholz farm.

WHAT IS WRONG HERE? Lead animal services worker Pat Comfort said, “The legal process is a slow one, but it’s the process we have to follow.” This is ridiculous. These horses are going to die if not given proper care.

PLEASE contact County Executive Joe Parisi and Dane County Superintendent Jerry Bollig (District 31) to get these horses to safety.

Read the entire article here:

Ex-owners push for investigation after claiming horse neglect.

Italian Activists Liberate Beagle Puppies in Daylight Raid

The power of fearless, dedicated, and compassionate humans. This will make you cry.

Note: Wisconsin has its own “beagle mill” in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Rigdlan Farms, LLC breeds and raises beagle puppies by the thousands to be sent to research facilities. Read about it here.

Read story of Italian liberation here:

1000+ Italian Activists Liberate Beagle Puppies in Daylight Raid « Myths about "The Vegetarian Myth".