Dwindling hunting interest and desperate power grabs – Patricia Randolph on Conservation Congress Election

Attending every Conservation Congress election/vote for 15 years offers a unique perspective. This was the first year since the assaults on mourning doves and feral cats that we had a diversity of citizens attending to resuscitate this 78-year-old “public” election of delegates to advise the Department of Natural Resources. It was refreshing.

Outside the entrance at Dane County’s Conservation Congress site, Gillian Nevers was handing out fliers with poetry protesting a crane hunt (click here to get to the WisconsinEye video of the meeting.) After all the killing expansion rammed through the Legislature, this was the annual opportunity to speak out on 91 more hunter power grabs.

A friendly fellow handed me a religious flier. It was Tom Gunderson, who had called me after seeing one of the Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic posters. He leaned over and said, “My dogs and I live near the marsh in the midst of cranes. We love them. I am praying for them.”

As I entered the auditorium, I saw Tracy Doyle standing at the microphone, nominating herself for the two-year delegate position.” more. . .

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Dwindling hunting interest and desperate power grabs.


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