Wisconsin sportsmen to sound off on crane hunt

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress plans to ask the public whether a hunt is a good idea at its spring hearings Monday, less than a month after a Republican bill that would have created a hunt died in the Legislature after bird lovers railed that hunters already kill enough animals.

The question promises to re-ignite a heated debate. Wisconsin prides itself on its hunting heritage. Hunting advocates argue the sandhill population is out of control and the birds devour farmers’ corn seeds. But the state also is home to the International Crane Foundation, one of the world’s leading crane protection organizations, not to mention throngs of people who admire sandhills.

PLEASE. Attend your local Conservation Congress meeting at 7:00 p.m.on Monday, April 9, 2012 and vote NO on the sandhill crane hunt in Wisconsin. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

Dane County
Middleton/Cross Plains Performing Arts Center
2100 Bristol Street
Middleton WI
7:00 PM

Here is a complete list of Conservation Hearings in your area.

Wisconsin sportsmen to sound off on crane hunt – JSOnline.

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