Two Films of Interest at Union South in Madison

Life Size Memories (2011)
Sunday, March 25, 2012, 3 p.m.
The Marquee Theater at Union South

Klaus Reisinger & Frédérique Lengaigne (120 min., color, Blu-Ray, US)

Too often we view wild animals as generic representatives of their species. But Life Size Memories attempts to change all that, discovering individual beings that stand out on their own terms. The film follows as two experienced war photojournalists train their lenses on captive elephants in war zones across southeast Asia to create life-sized photographic portraits of these individuals. What do these portraits augur for the fate of the elephant? Reisinger and Lengaigne’s beautiful film travels to four different nations to find a complicated answer — that regional variations in both human and elephant cultures will ultimately determine which individuals live and which become mere faded memories.

Visit the film’s official website

Divine Pig (2010)
Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 7 p.m.
The Marquee Theater at Union South

Hans Dortmans (60 min., color, Digibeta, The Netherlands/US, In Dutch with English subtitles)

Gerard Zwetsloot is a free-range butcher with a not-so-small problem — Dorus. Zwetsloot’s pet pig is living the good life, with walks in the park and local celebrity status. But as Zwetsloot bonds with his growing pig, he confronts the problem of whether or not he’ll eventually be able to butcher his animal companion. He’s had this problem before and some of his earlier swine ended up at “pig sanctuaries” to live out their days. How can someone be a butcher for a living and yet selectively choose not to kill certain animals? How does anyone decide which animals we classify as food and which as friends? Will Dorus end up on the plate or in the barnyard? Dortmans’ tender and thought-provoking film offers us reasons to believe that either ending is not without its issues. Film to be followed by a panel discussion on human-animal relations.

View the film’s official trailer


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