Behind the Scenes of the George Carden Circus

We agree that the costumes and the human performers from the circus are entertaining but elephants from the George Carden Circus (which comes to the Zor Shrine Circus and other Shrine circuses throughout Wisconsin) are chained for hours a day, forced to do unnatural acts, and are neglected. Please do not attend George Carden Circus, or any circus that includes animals for entertainment.

The elephant shown briefly in the video is swaying back and forth as a result of being chained in place for most of her life. This is termed a stereotypy – a repetitive or ritualistic movement. It’s common in animals kept in small cages or otherwise restrained for long periods of time. It is considered a sign of long-term mental distress. The elephants in circuses everywhere are forced to perform, are coerced with fear of punishment and have chronic heath problems. The Carden circus, for instance, was cited by the USDA last year for a lack of veterinary care for the elephants. It’s too bad that a TV station helps them mislead the public. Rick Bogle, Co-Director, AFA

Watch video here: Footage of the elephant in second half.

Behind the Scenes of the George Carden Circus.


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