Wolf hunt bill is bad law

Wolf hunt bill is bad law

Sunday’s Crossroads op-ed by Jim Rowen has it right – bad process does lead to bad law, and the wolf hunt bill is a case in point (“In the Legislature, as in baseball, process and substance are connected”).

The bill authorizes an excessive 4½-month-long wolf “harvest” season to include nighttime hunting, use of dogs, brutal traps and disruption of the breeding season, which our state wildlife experts on wolves oppose as uninformed, harmful measures that go too far and fail to target the limited areas where the state actually experiences depredation problems.

The gray wolf was delisted a few short months ago following a nearly 40-year effort by state and federal authorities to restore the species under the Endangered Species Act. The cautionary principle “haste makes waste” truly applies to the wolf hunt bill, as its prematurely aggressive scope could jeopardize our state’s wolf population and cause it to be relisted once again.

What a demonstration of Wisconsin waste and willful ignorance that would be! Wise stewardship of our state’s wildlife species depends upon sound science and proper restraint – the pending wolf hunt bill demonstrates far too little of either.

Jodi Habush Sinykin
River Hills

Find a more humane way

I was horrified to read that our Senate passed a bill to allow wolf hunts (March 7). After all the years of saving the wolves from disappearing from our state? Seriously? How does a hunter know he hasn’t blown away a female with pups waiting in their den?

I agree with the letter writer, “Remove traps from wolf bill,” but believe wolf hunts are totally despicable (Your Views, March 9). Aren’t there other more humane methods for controlling the population?

Debra Kielski

Your views – JSOnline.


One thought on “Wolf hunt bill is bad law

  1. Wolves were good enough to help clear deer herds of chronic wasting, but now they are going to hunt wolves down and destroy their packs. Why such extreme an hunting season and traps? This law is disturbing!
    I understand farmers and rancher care of troubled wolves, but this is just sad.


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