Wisconsin to Consider Hunting of Sandhill Crane – NYTimes.com

On February 22, 2012 state representatives Joel Kleefisch (R 38), Joan Ballweg (R 44) and
Richard Spanbauer (R 53) introduced AB613 a bill which would requires that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) authorize the hunting of sandhill cranes.

Advocates of the crane hunting legislation, introduced on Wednesday by State Representative Joel Kleefisch, emphasized that it would allow officials to limit the number of cranes harvested and would require hunters to complete an education course. Officials from the International Crane Foundation said they were maintaining a neutral stance because the foundation views itself as a conservation group focused on scientific research about cranes and their ecosystems, not on politics.

Mark Berres, an assistant professor of avian biology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said that even with a growing number of sandhill cranes, far more needed to be studied about their genetic diversity and fledgling rates, adding, “I can’t understand how you’re going to open up a hunting season before you learn more.

It was referred to the Committee on Natural Resources. Please let them know that you do not support AB 613. This committee includes:

Representative Jeffrey Mursau Rep.Mursau@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-3780 Capitol 18 North

Representative Roger Rivard Rep.Rivard@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-2519 Capitol 307 North

Representative Mary Williams Rep.WilliamsM@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-7506 Capitol 17 West

Representative Joel Kleefisch Rep.Kleefisch@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-8551 Capitol 321 East

Representative Lee Nerison Rep.Nerison@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-3534 Capitol 310 North

Representative Erik Severson Rep.Severson@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 267-2365 Capitol 312 North

Representative Jim Steineke Rep.Steineke@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-2418 Capitol 304 North

Representative Tom Tiffany Rep.Tiffany@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-7694 Capitol 208 North

Representative Duey Stroebel Rep.Stroebel@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 267-2369 Capitol 8 West

Representative Michelle Litjens Rep.Litjens@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-7500 Capitol 221 North

Representative Louis Molepske Rep.Molepske@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 267-9649 Capitol 22 West

Representative Cory Mason Rep.Mason@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-0634 Capitol 6 North

Representative Chris Danou Rep.Danou@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-7015 Capitol 303 West

Representative Fred Clark Rep.Clark@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-7746 Capitol 9 North

Representative Nick Milroy Rep.Milroy@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-0640 Capitol 8 North

Representative Brett Hulsey Rep.Hulsey@legis.wisconsin.gov
(608) 266-7521 Capitol 3 North

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Wisconsin Consider Hunting of Sandhill Crane – NYTimes.com.


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