‘Windchill law’ would strengthen animal protections in Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Rep. Nick Milroy, D-South Range, said Friday that he’s working with other lawmakers to draft legislation to strengthen the state’s animal neglect laws.

Milroy said he has tapped Rep. Keith Ripp, R-Lodi, to reintroduce “Windchill’s Law,’’ named after the 9-month-old horse in Douglas County that perished after not being protected from cold winter weather in 2008.

The colt was found malnourished, covered in ice and snow and unable to stand. With no access to shelter and the wind chill between 40 to

55 degrees below zero, the colt was near death. Though a great effort was made to save the colt, it died 20 days later.

Read full Duluth Tribune story here:

‘Windchill law’ would strengthen animal protections in Wisconsin | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota.


One thought on “‘Windchill law’ would strengthen animal protections in Wisconsin

  1. It’s good to see this legislation being reintroduced, especially with all the hunting and trapping bills that are springing up. Some say that we should be focusing on laws and problems that affect humans, and that this is insignificant in the face of the attack on workers’ rights. But we don’t have to choose between human and non-human causes, because compassion doesn’t exist in a limited supply. Compassion breeds more compassion. To achieve justice for humans, we need to work for justice for animals, too. Eliminating oppression, exploitation, and violence for all helps build the foundation of a just and peaceful world for all.


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