Commission To Consider Allowing Trapping Near Park

MADISON, Wis. — A proposal to trap animals near a Dane County park has some residents voicing concerns.

The Dane County Park Commission will vote on this issue Wednesday night, and at the heart of this trapping debate looks to be a recent rule change from the state.

Carolyn Schueppel is one resident who opposes trapping near McCarthy Park.

“It’s hard for them to understand what it’s really like for people who empathize with animals unless you actually see the animal die in the trap,” said Schueppel, who is concerned about a Dane County plan to approve recreational trapping on one of the county’s newly purchased parcels of land.

The 25-acre parcel of land sits just outside McCarthy County Park.

In October, Schueppel’s border collie died after getting caught in a trap near a nature conservancy.

“It’s just completely wrong,” said Schueppel.

Watch video here:

Commission To Consider Allowing Trapping Near Park.

1 thought on “Commission To Consider Allowing Trapping Near Park

  1. I understand his distaste towards trapping due to his dogs death, but there is much more that Schuppel is not understanding. Trapping is the most effective management tool we have today to manage furbearers. When abiding by the laws and regualtions, trapping takes care of overpopulation, diseases, and problem animals. It is given a bad rep due to the images we conjuir when we hear the word “trap”. We see a giant pair of steel jaws that kill anything that stumbles near it. This is wrong. Most animals are taken care of humanly when the trapper arrives (daily), or is killed instantly from the use of a body-gripping trap (conibear).
    Another point I want to make is that even if trapping is allowed, its not likely that there will be a massive surge of traps thrown out in the woods for anyone to step on. Trappers are resourcefull woodsman and make as little as imapact as possible. If an area is actively being trapped, others will stay away and find another section of property. There is a lot of public land that many people go out to visit annually, which allows trapping, and it isnt a big deal. So why shouldnt trapping be allowed near McCarthy Park?


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