Speak Out Against Trapping in Dane County Parks

Speak Out Against Trapping in Dane County Parks

Wednesday, February 8
5:15 pm
Room 357
City County Building
201 Martin Luther King Blvd
Madison, WI

The County Parks Department has written a “Limited Access Trapping Permit” and will ask the County Parks Commission to approve this first-ever county-approved recreational trapping plan.

See the permit application here.

The adoption of this plan will set a terrible precedent, potentially opening many Dane County parks to trapping, and guaranteeing that the County will continue to apply for DNR-administered Stewardship grants for land acquisition even though they will be required to provide recreational trapping opportunities.

Take action:

1. Attend the meeting. Tell the Commissioners that opening Dane County Parks to trapping isn’t worth $162,000.

2. If you can’t attend, please email the Commissioners here: park-commission@co.dane.wi.us or call them and voice your opposition to recreational trapping in Dane County Parks.

Background: In 2011, Dane County purchased 25 acres adjacent to McCarthy County Park for $325,000. The County owns the new parcel. The park is 245 acres, including the new 25-acre parcel.

The County applied for a state DNR-administered Stewardship grant to offset the cost and has been tentatively awarded half the purchase price, $162,000.

In order to receive the Stewardship grant, the County is required by the DNR to provide recreational trapping opportunities on the new 25-acre parcel. Except in very special rare circumstances, all lands bought with Stewardship grants are required to be open to trapping.

Traps are indiscriminate. They can catch and kill any animal who steps on one or sticks their nose in one. They are very cruel; they can leave an animal with broken bones, lacerations, and in pain and fear until the trapper eventually checks the trap and kills them.

Trapping is a pastime of the tiniest minority; opening Dane County Parks to trapping appeases the most extreme fringe of so-called outdoorsmen; trapping is inhumane, has no redeeming value, and should not be allowed to become an accepted and promoted use of our public lands.


2 thoughts on “Speak Out Against Trapping in Dane County Parks

  1. What? Has Dane County and Madison lost it’s collective Mind? How many children need to get hurt before they repeal this? My God, several years ago 1 college student accidently started his apt building on fire by BBQ-ing on his balcony and immediately afterward an ordinance was passed so NO ONE can BBQ on their balconies! But they can set traps on Public Lands that not only endanger precious wildlife but people and their pets as well? This is Just STUPID! Geezus, People. Stop drinking the water!


  2. Christie- Maybe you should stop letting your emotions do all your thinking for you and do a little research on the facts involved with this matter. This is only for a small tract of land seperated by a drainage ditch from the rest of the park. Only two trappers would be permitted to use this area. The traps used today are in no way shape or form lethal to a human being and any adult and all but the smallest of children accidently caught in a trap would not need any medical help. Foothold traps are used every day by biologists to study and relocate wildlife INJURY FREE. Traps are not the huge toothed things portrayed in cartoons. I’m sure by reading your comment that this is the sum of your knowledge on trapping. Try getting the facts before embarassing yourself in public.


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