County proposal would ban elephant performances

The Dane County Board’s public works and transportation committee will consider a ban on performing elephants at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in Mendota Room 1 of Exhibition Hall, 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way.

It is important for you to attend tonight’s meeting and sign “in favor” of the ban to put an end to this cruel and archaic form of “entertainment.”

Eight-thousand-pound elephants balancing on tiny balls or circling trunk-to-tail under the big top could become a thing of the past in Madison.

A proposal to ban performing elephants at the Alliant Energy Center — on the grounds the practice is cruel and archaic — is set for a Dane County Board committee vote Tuesday night.

If approved by the full board in January, the measure could mean the end of the long-running Zor Shrine Circus, which has included elephant performances every February at the Dane County Coliseum.

County Board Chairman Scott McDonell noted the county has a multi-year contract with the Zor Shriners.

Alliant Energy Center Executive Director Bill DiCarlo said Monday he didn’t know how the county would get out of those obligations, which run through 2020, if the measure were approved. Circus operators and the Zor Shriners didn’t return repeated calls for comment. Read entire article here:

via County proposal would ban elephant performances.


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