Review of film, “We Bought a Zoo” They Wanna Be Free

Please look elsewhere when searching for a holiday movie! Check out Jeff Wells’ review of We Bought a Zoo

We Bought A Zoo is harmlessly decent family pap, but it rests upon a fundamentally rancid notion that zoos are cool. Zoos are emphatically not cool. I’ve been to zoos three or four times in my life and I like checking out the giraffes and lions and orangutans as much as the next guy, but they’re built on the conceit that animals living sullen and diminished lives inside cages are entertaining, and that looking at these creatures from the safe side of a cage and chuckling at their behavior and smelling their scent somehow enhances our lives by connecting us (or our kids) to nature. Which is, of course, horseshit.

Outside of the makers of this film and zoo owners and clueless lower-middle-class Walmart types, I don’t think there are any intelligent and compassionate people on the planet who believe zoos are a good idea. At best they’re an unfortunate idea. A message during the end credits informs that Mee’s zoo in England (i.e., Dartmoor Zoological Park) is a highly respected one, but it’s still a zoo.

Read the full review here and leave a comment:

via They Wanna Be Free :: Hollywood Elsewhere.

Thank you Karen Dawn of Dawnwatch for posting this! Karen suggests sending author Wells a big thank you for taking a stand for the animals. You can contact him at


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