June 4, 2004: Inside the monkey house – Isthmus | The Daily Page



Worth reading again: excellent article by Bill Lueders printed over 8 years ago in The Isthmus.

We come upon the baby in an incubator in the corner of a typically stark and sterile room. At first he looks dead. Then he stirs and within seconds opens his eyes, squinting at the bright light and strange faces, perhaps the first he has seen.

My tour hosts, primate center spokesperson Jordana Lenon and colony manager Chris Luethy, explain that this rhesus macaque, number r04040, was probably born earlier this same morning. He’s here because his mother for some reason refused to care for him, irrevocably.

Even in the wild, my hosts hasten to assure me, some monkey mothers reject their newborns. It’s the same thing I’m told when I ask about other horrors known to occur within the walls of this facility, the UW-Madison’s National Primate Research Center. Self-mutilation, cannibalism — sure, these things happen. But they happen in the wild as well.

Read entire article here:

June 4, 2004: Inside the monkey house




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