Mayor Jokes About Killing Geese

“There are plenty of jokes on the ride, including a quip or two from the mayor. At Warner Park, Rhodes-Conway gets excited over the new parking lot. (These are the kinds of things, Ald. Ellingson explains, that thrill council members. When city workers painted over the graffiti on a utilities box in her district, Ellingson says, “it made my day.”) But several alders are far more excited to see a flock of creatures in the parking lot. “Geese!” they say. As anyone who has been following city politics knows, the city’s decision to kill some 400 of the birds at Vilas and Warner parks this summer led to a storm of protests and angry letters to Soglin and other city officials. And now here, watching the council and mayor roll on past, are some more. “You missed some,” Ald. Scott Resnick tells the mayor.

“Wait, let me out!” the mayor says to the driver. He is joking.”


via Laptop City Hall: Mayor Paul Soglin and City Council take a field trip to … Madison!.


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