Lynn Pauly: Allow Babcock geese to be grandfathered

Thank you for Saturday’s article on the domestic geese at Babcock Park. I hope your readers understood that the group of domestic geese that William Watson has been caring for, who cannot fly, will most likely die of starvation this winter, while we watch.

Despite the county’s new law and the city’s campaign to blame wildlife for the less-than-optimal state of Madison’s beaches, can’t there be something grandfathered into the law to allow this single flock to continue to be fed? In the 26 years that these domestic geese have been at Babcock Park, the population has remained about the same.

Seriously, how can we turn our backs on this? Are the people of Dane County that rigid?

– Lynn Pauly, Madison, co-director, Alliance for Animals

Lynn Pauly: Allow Babcock geese to be grandfathered.

Read entire article here: Longtime geese “guardian” runs afoul of new law forbidding feeding wild animals.


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