Sun Prairie man gets 1½ years in prison for killing dog

According to a criminal complaint, on Oct. 29, Michael Aasen was upset that his wife’s dog had chewed on one of his hats and beat the dog, causing the dog to defecate. After sending his wife out to get cleaning supplies, he killed the dog by slitting its throat.

Dane County Circuit Judge Sarah O’Brien O’Brien sentenced Aasen to a year in prison for animal mistreatment, followed by 2½ years of extended supervision, the longest period of supervision she could give him under the law, she noted.

Letter of support to Judge O’Brien, for taking animal abuse seriously, should be addressed to: Honorable Sarah O’Brien, Dane County Circuit Court Branch 16, Room 6109, Dane County Courthouse, 215 S. Hamilton St, Madison WI 53703

Iraq War vet gets 1½ years in prison for killing dog.


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