As animal sanctuary folds, pigs seek a home

We remember well the day we visited MAPPAR to look around and help out with a fencing project. At that time Tumbler was a very small and very pink little guy. We were taken by the story of him being on his way to slaughter when he “tumbled” out of the truck, was rescued and given a home at MAPPAR.

Four year old Tumbler and his 800-pound penmates Daisy, Paolo and Zoe — not to mention 18 cats and a potbellied pig named Pearl need temporary or permanent homes.

Please forward the article linked below to anyone who may have the land and heart to give Tumbler and his friends a temporary home. There are several cats who need homes too! If your backyard is not pig-worthy help out by attending the Fundraiser on Sat. August 6 at High Noon Saloon.

Fundraiser – Saturday, August 6th
Madison Jazz Orchestra Helps MAPPAR!!
5:00p-7:30p – High Noon Saloon
701A E Washington Ave, Madison
$8 at door

Please bring some extra cash if you are able to buy unique items donated by local businesses and MAPPAR volunteers! Thank You!

Click the link below to read WSJ’s recent article on MAPPAR.

As animal sanctuary folds, pigs seek a home.


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