For the Love of Elephants

It hasn’t even been six months since Madelyn Keldahl and Angie Adams met us at Michelangelos to talk about getting involved with AFA. This was right before the Zor Shrine Circus rolled into the Alliant Energy Center for their annual show. We suggested that they put their efforts toward showing how elephants are treated and generally protesting the circus by educating the public.

Maddie and Angie hit the ground running. They soon brought in Julie Grosso, another new animal advocate and the three of them created AFA’s Elephants Living Free campaign. They arranged a fundraiser, organized leafleting at the circus, went to most of the shows to see first hand the conditions of the animals, documented with photos and video, and researched, researched, researched.

Their fresh knowledge together with their experiences at the circus was enough to file complaints with the USDA relating to the conditions of the elephants, the lack of proper handling in group situations, and animal neglect. As a direct result the George Carden circus was cited for inadequate veterinary care and for not having adequate control of the elephants.

Their knowledge of elephants in circuses continues to deepen. They have connected with several elephant advocacy organizations and have shared information. In just a short time this dedicated trio has created a website, a FaceBook page, a brochure, stickers, have tabled at the Farmers’ Market on Capitol Square, and now are working on bringing the highly acclaimed documentary One Lucky Elephant to Madison on July 8.

And as far as plans for the future this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This type of spirited devotion and enthusiasm is uplifting and regenerating. I know you share with us in our deepest gratitude and admiration for their work. Please take some time to look through the website below.

Elephant Free Dane.


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