When a dying kid’s wish is to kill – Documentaries – Salon.com

What is wrong with people?

Tina Pattison is in the wish-granting business. As president and founder of the nonprofit organization Hunt of a Lifetime, Pattison helps kids with life-threatening illnesses fulfill their dreams of shooting their first elk, or moose or boar. If your son is dying and wants to visit Disneyworld, well, she can’t do anything for you. But if your son wants to go out in the wilds of Maine with a high-powered rifle and bring down a really big bear, Pattison’s the woman you want to see.

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When a dying kid’s wish is to kill – Documentaries – Salon.com.

Don’t give researchers more legal protection: Opinion

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I was dismayed to read that several lawmakers are attempting to sneak through a provision in the budget giving more legal protection to researchers performing animal testing in this state (June 22).

Is that what we want Wisconsin to be known for? When Gov. Scott Walker is touting that Wisconsin is “open for business,” should we put pictures of mutilated animals alongside the slogan?

If a member of the general public were to do to an animal what many of these researchers do, he or she likely would be charged. . .

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Better yet; here they are:

Joseph R. Clausius

Mark Clear

William W. Barker

David L. Wallner

Betty Chewning

Emanuel Scarbrough

Madelyn D. Leopold

These people ignored public input. Time and time again.

These people are responsible for the death of Madison’s geese.

In a recent Wisconsin State Journal article (Dane County farm families join to reduce lake pollution) reporter Doug Erickson writes about 25 farm families that are receiving $800,000 to reduce phosphorus runoff, he stated that “The mineral, found in fertilizers, is the main contributor to lake algae.”

Mayor Soglin can stop this. Call, write, or visit him and demand that this issue be looked at fairly. Madison is better than this.

Mayor Paul Soglin
210 Ml King Jr Blvd # 403
Madison, WI 53703-3345
(608) 266-4611

You can read AFA’s letter to the Mayor here.

Madison to kill up to 350 Canada geese – Isthmus | The Daily Page



Madison to kill up to 350 Canada geese – Isthmus | The Daily Page.

“They misstated the evidence,” (Stacy)Taeuber says. “They used the E. coli thing as a scare tactic. There is no record of anyone ever getting E. coli from a goose. To imply a direct threat of that disease is disingenuous at best. I said, “If I’m wrong, explain it to me, but they never did.”

The Board of Park Commissioners has the final say on the matter. Though Clear supports killing the geese, he does take issue with Isthmus reporting on it. “It’s something I believe should be kept relatively quiet,” he says. “Crowds of humans wouldn’t be conducive to the work the Parks Department needs to do.”

Louise Klopp: Animal research all about the money

Dear Editor: The Rat/Her signs along Dane County highways present a false choice. Medical experiments are not done on children. These billboards are the product of the research industry front group, Foundation for Biomedical Research. They are running scared from the expose of cruel, unnecessary and ineffectual experiments on animals. This foundation and its extended network of companies and researchers that feed off animal research are not concerned about cute little girls.

Louise Klopp: Animal research all about the money.

The good and bad about state budget

At the last minute, Republican lawmakers stuck a sweeping change to state brewery regulation into the budget where it doesn’t belong. They gave a blanket exemption to animal researchers from Wisconsin’s cruelty law — something that deserves more time, scrutiny and public input.

Read Sunday, June 19, 2011 editorial from Wisconsin State Journal.

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Leslie Hamilton: No input allowed on cruelty exemption

The use of live animals for scientific research is an issue of concern to most Americans. The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, recently found that 43 percent of the public and 52 percent of women opposed using animals in scientific research. It’s not hard to imagine what those percentages would be if the question was “Should animal researchers be exempt from all animal cruelty laws?”

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