Tell Mounds Pet Food Warehouse “No to Zoo Fundraising”

What? Mounds, one of our favorite companion animal supply stores, which does not sell animals, is campaigning and raising funds for the zoo? That just cannot be right? But it’s true.

Below is a letter from an AFA member to Mounds. Please follow her lead and write to request that they reconsider this absurd idea. Let’s flood their corporate office with polite letters opposed to this campaign. And do not spend your money at Mounds until they reconsider.

May 5, 2011

Mounds Corporate Office
2422 Montana Avenue
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Dear Mounds:

I am writing to express my great objection to your aggressive fund raising efforts for the zoo. I do not support zoos, for all of the reasons explained at such places as the website of the Humane Society of the United States. I remember well when the Henry Vilas Zoo abandoned its monkey colony and sent all of those animals into invasive research in Louisiana so that the zoo could use the facility for a new bird exhibit! I remember well when the zoo kept is elephants in leg chains. This is the kind of institution the zoo is, engaging in all of the usual abuses behind the scenes.

I have shopped at nowhere else but Mounds for over 25 years, and I do so only because of its support for non-exploitative animal organizations. As you see from the enclosed receipts for just this month, I spend hundreds of dollars there, which I do to support the animals I have rescued. I give you my word that I will never shop at Mounds again if it supports the zoo. To not even be able to purchase my items without being asked if I want to contribute to the zoo was very offensive.

You do many things so right. I can’t imagine whose idea this could have been; however, I would respectfully suggest that if my feelings, and those of many other people I know who think as I do, are any indication, it was a mistake. Please reconsider so that you can keep your reputation as an animal-friendly store and so that I can continue to shop there.

Yours truly,

Name withheld for privacy

Email their marketing manager here.

Alliance For Animals.

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