Rick Bogle: Man ill-equipped to manage wildlife

Rick Bogle: Man ill-equipped to manage wildlife.

Alliance for Animals’ co-director Rick Bogle’s response to Wisconsin State Journal’s opinion on killing wolves.

Tuesday’s editorial on controlling the number of wolves in Wisconsin was a little misleading.

Your suggested course of action seems ill-conceived and there was no mention of the lesson that the current situation should teach us.

A controlled hunt is unlikely to kill the specific animals involved in the “negative interactions” you claim are common. Randomly killing some number of wolves every year will please only hunters.

You characterized the Conservation Congress as an “advisory group” and observed that all 72 counties recently approved killing wolves to control their numbers.

But you misled readers by failing to mention that the euphemistically named group is merely a hunting and fishing advocacy group. They endorsed hunting stray house cats a few years ago as well.

The lesson from the wolf (and Canada goose) reintroductions is that we are too shortsighted to make wise and compassionate decisions involving the management of wild animals.

If the end result of wolf reintroductions in Wisconsin is simply an occasional opportunity to kill a once-rare animal, then the entire endeavor was just a cruel joke on the wolves.

– Rick Bogle, Madison


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