Madison Parks Commission Ignores Public Concerns About Geese

When the meeting of the Madison Parks Commission adjourned last night, some spectators sat dumfounded while some shouted “shame on you”, but it’s a sure bet that everyone who showed up to speak against lethal measures to control geese in Madison parks left with utter disdain for the dysfunctional Commission who voted unanimously to accept Russ Hefty’s plan to use “all of the tools” including killing the geese in Madison to control the geese population.

Over 25 members of the community spoke intelligently about the flaws of Hefty’s plan. Spokespersons from Wild Warner, Alliance for Animals, The Humane Society of the United States, school teachers, students, and naturalists, urged the Committee to be patient and accept help from organizations such as Geese Peace, HSUS, and other communities who have successfully lowered goose populations without lethal measures.

Around five speakers, city employees and/or business owners who have lost money due to problems with the geese spoke in favor of killing the geese.

When the speakers time ended, members of the commission discussed amongst themselves what to do. At first Joe Clausius suggested that they accept Hefty’s plan EXCEPT for the lethal measures, but he quickly changed his mind when Bill Barker brought up costs for non-lethal alternatives and health issues. The discussion went downhill when committee member Emanuel Scaraborough compared killing the geese to a mother leopard killing her weak baby to save others (?)

At one point in their discussion someone in the audience was overheard saying,

These people don’t know what the “#@##” they’re doing.

Some members questioned Hefty more on the killing procedure and Hefty revealed with a wink to Ken Briski that he had an outfit (who didn’t want to be named) waiting in the sidelines to do the deed for less than $5,000 per park.

When it came close to 11 p.m. and the Committee became tired and cranky, Clausius moved that they accept Hefty’s recommendation and it was immediately seconded and approved unanimously.

They blatantly ignored the citizens. Shame on them.

What can you do?

Please write to Mayor Paul Soglin who has publicly stated that he’s exploring humane alternatives to control the geese in the city. Let him know that the Committee ignored the roomful of people who came out to speak in support of his beliefs.

Mayor Paul Soglin’s contact information


2 thoughts on “Madison Parks Commission Ignores Public Concerns About Geese

  1. Its to bad people cant be more tolerant of wildlife in suburban settings. As much as we have mucked up their environment, they still adapt and live around us. I live in the city and feel blessed that I can see all kinds of wildlife. I’ll put up with stepping in crap, or losing the occasional bush to some deer. Jesus , we blaze away @ wildlife all fall….harmony anyone?


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